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Before reinventing your physical store, fix five consumer pain points first Before even thinking about revolutionizing your physical store, you should focus on addressing the five chronic consumer pain points that have led your consumers to flock online in the first place. Why will solving these pain points help you differentiate? Because this take often entails breaking down silos, empowering employees, and finding innovative ways to attract, train and retain talent. These capabilities and resources are usually the most unevenly distributed. First


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As the campaign went on though, and especially after the publication of the manifestos, Labour's position continued to strengthen whilst the Conservatives fell back. As we online shopping now know, most of the final campaign polls were still badly underestimating Labour's strength. But they did pick up the direction of travel - and the shift was bigger than anything we'd seen before. Since the election, most polls have had Labour in the lead. But there's been a slow decline from their immediate post-election highs and the most recent polls have the two main parties essentially neck and neck.


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